48 hours

in Tekirdağ

First day

Start your day with a tour in the centrum. After a short walk to explore old typical houses and discover the beautiful Rüstem Paşa Külliyesi. You may stop by to buy some local products or have a cup of Turkish coffee. After coffee, walk towards the Archaeology and Ethnography Museum to fully understand the city’s historical characteristics. Then, choose another museum according to your interests. For lunch, try the delicious Tekirdağ köftesi and some of the desserts, and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Second day

After a traditional Turkish breakfast, take the road for nearby district Şarköy. Visit the long beach and discover the seashore. Don’t forget to take your bathing suit with you. Then, you may want to stop by the market to taste the local olive oil and buy some souvenirs. After a tea break in Şarköy’s centre, head off to the wine route. The scenery is impressive, with beautiful and calm vineyards. If you don’t drink wine, opt for grape juice, which is a very popular beverage in the region and obtained from Thrace grapes, is very tasty and healthy. At the end of the trip, you may have a refined dinner in one of the vineyards and spend the night in one of the estates.