10 vibes for Tekirdağ

like locals

The Archaeology and Ethnography Museum, Rakoczi Museum, Namık Kemal (a famous Turkish author) House, Rüstem Paşa Külliyesi (Complex) plus fountains and mosques dating to Ottoman era are all worth seeing.

You should visit the small town of Karacakılavuz in Şarköy district and buy some handwoven fabric.

Şarköy, Mürefte and Altınova are worth a visit with blue flag beaches.

Yeniköy (Nişantepe) and Uçmakdere are ideal locations for trying diving and trekking.

The region produces wines in Mürefte made from the local grapes and they are worth trying.

The Rakoczi Museum is the perfect place to witness the life of a Hungarian national hero. 

Every year in June, the International Cherry Festival welcomes hundreds of people from all over the world.

Nişantepe watching the amazing natural panorama is a breath-taking experience.

The region is known for sunflower cultivation. In summer, you can enjoy bright yellow fields spreading as far as the eye could reach.

Tekirdağ köfte (meatballs) is the regional gastronomic specialty par excellence. Served with a special chilli paste mixture, and traditionally accompanied with ayran (yogurt drink), it is often followed by Hayrabolu dessert.